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Limeni Lakonia Mani


Limeni is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque seaside settlements in Mani. Its splendid beach with its crystal clear light blue waters is in complete harmony with the rugged beauty of Mani. An ideal destination for those seeking relaxation where holiday goers, apart from the sea, can enjoy nearby walks in nature.

Furthermore, with Limeni as your base, you have easy access to all the villages of Laconian and Messinian Mani (Mani spans two prefectures, the equivalent of counties), where you will find many traditional settlements with their trademark tower-houses and cobblestone alleyways, quaint inlets or stony and pebbly beaches.

One can find many seaside or mountainside trekking paths. It is recommended you visit the Diros Caves, Porto Kayo, Taenaron, Vathia, Ano Boularii, Flomochori, Arepolis, Gerolimenas, Kotronas, Lagia and Mezapo. The best-known path for trekking is that of Taenaron, an unparalleled setting that combines the beauty of the sea with the ambiance of archaeological monuments.

Vasilios Hotel is located at the entrance of Limeni, 100 meters (109 yards) from the beach. The shortest route by car from Athens to Limeni is the national highway up to Tripolis and then from Sparta to Gythion to Areopolis. The total distance is 285km (178 miles).